Learning Methodologies

Vidya Bharati School stands as a ‘Citadel of Learning’ to foster the minds and the ability of taking initiatives. The School believes that education provides a comprehensive value base for the children to develop inquisitiveness and acquire a wider perspective where the children can be confident to aim for the paramount and hence tap their potential to the fullest.

VBS in the pursuit of academics has always had outstanding board results and will definitely aim for higher accomplishments. With emphasis on holistic education, excellent board results ultimately accrue. We at VBS inspire our students to make a difference to the world they inherit by putting their knowledge into constructive channels. We are always thinking of new ways of developing and innovating to create even better and well-rounded educational experiences for the students and staff in this diverse environment.

A dynamic curriculum demands constant revision, which could depend on multi factors. The school has an imaginative comprehensive programming of the curriculum that is continuously enriched. It is also a broad based curriculum providing developmental and imaginative education, prescribing the minimum levels of learning and competence at each stage. Each class and each subject area of learning is of prime focus and this has led to the outstanding achievements of our students:

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