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About & Founder

Vidya Bharati School is synonymous with all round development of the child and is a pioneer in mooting the best education for its wards. This prestigious institution of education was established in 1982 in Ashok Vihar and shifted to present building in 1992.
The school strongly believes in the ideology ‘Every child is important’ hence the institution always strives to practice inclusive education where no child is left behind. The educational practices at Vidya Bharati School are a perfect blend of traditional Indian education system and modern cognitive development techniques.

These days merely providing students with good teachers is not enough and the faculty at Vidya Bharati School understands this. Hence, to ensure the all-round development of its wards the school ensures to construct a friendly environment where we help in kindling inquisitive behavior, metacognition and problem solving techniques in the children. For this, the school emphasizes on experiential and innovative learning practices. We provide our wards with very fine and high quality school experience.
We emphasize on the need to inculcate peace and the idea of global citizenship amongst our children

We match our words with Mahatma Gandhi that, our progress as a nation depends on the progress in education. We must remember that children’s minds are fundamental resources which can be used to move in any direction. Thus, it is mandatory that we work towards the maximum growth of every young mind. Only then we will be able to inscribe our requirements of a better future, our hopes for economic growth and our dream of developing virtuoso citizens.