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Disaster Management: Disaster Management is the organization which manages the resources and responsibilities to prepare a school for all aspects of humanitarian emergencies. In particular it is defined as preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of a disaster.
‘Better prepared than regretful’ Vidya Bharati School always works as in a shield for its students. Hence, we believe in making our children better prepared for this the school has formed a Disaster Management Committee which - Ensures that all the safety measures are followed in the school building - Make students disaster ready through mock drills and exercises The core committee for Disaster Management has following members:
(Name of teachers in the committee)

School Safety Committee: School Safety Committee ensures the fulfilment of standards of school safety as recommended by High Level Committee for school safety ,DOE.
1. Assess the risks that are facing the school. (For example physical or mental risks to children or staff members etc.) later School Safety Committee asks the school high to mitigate those risks.
2. Ensure that the school environment is open and transparent. Vidya Bharati School believes in having lots of dialogue between schools and parents hence ensuring all round safety of students.
The above said committee includes HOS , 4 students, 4 parents from PTA , 2 teachers and 1 non-teaching staff. The committee monthly meetings and undertakes monthly safety walk.
(Name of teachers in the committee)

Disaster Management Committee: Forming a response team and assigning responsibilities is one of the crucial steps in emergency response planning. If your emergency response team members are not familiar with their roles and responsibilities, important response actions may be missed.

The Disaster Management Committee always ensures the following steps:

1.Taking appropriate personal protective measures
2. Advising personnel in the area of any potential threat and/or initiate evacuation procedures
3. Eliminate potential ignition sources
(Name of teachers in the committee)

Anti Tobacco Team: Awareness training on tobacco consumption among school students is a continuous process and we have so far conducted numerous trainings to ensure a tobacco free zone inside Vidya Bharati School. The tobacco free trainings are conducted in a phased manner.
Since we have succeed in making a tobacco-free school, we now concentrate on creating a tobacco- free neighborhood. The tobacco Free team consists of following members:
(Name of teachers in the committee)

Road Safety Committee :The committee aims at spreading awareness on road safety among the students by educating them about basic traffic rules to control accidents. The committee organizes several events like rallies, workshops and seminars on road safety.

Anti Bullying Squad: Aims to provide a secure and safe environment to the students. Students are encouraged to recognize ,reject and report bullying behavior to the committee. Workshops ,awareness sessions ,induction programmes are organized to sensitize students for prevention of bullying . Complaint box is also installed outside the counsellor’s room.

Sports Club: The clubs aims at ensuring the evolvement of sportsman spirit ,leadership qualities and cooperation amongst the students. The club organizes various sports activities such as inter house competitions, zonal level tournaments etc.

Dengue and Chikungunya Prevention Squad: The squad spreads awareness about dengue and chikungunya and promote and provide a safer and healthier learning environment to the students. This squad aims to acquaint the students about the symptoms, Preventive and remedial measures of these mosquito-borne diseases.

POSCO Committee: The committee is created with the aim of spreading awareness about child sexual abuse and protect them from various types of sexual offences. Students are also being periodically sensitized to remain alert about the menace and freely report the matter to their parents and teachers.

POSCO Committee consists of following members:

  • Ms. Ira Vishwakarma
  • Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma
  • Ms. Jayshree Mishra
  • Ms. Anita Rawat
  • Ms. Shikha Yadav

Environment Club:The club members actively participate in keeping the school and its surroundings eco-friendly involving students in the activities pertaining to environment so that they become eco conscious and socially accountable . Various environmental issues are raised and drives are conducted against use of polythene bags, bursting of crackers etc.

ICC (Internal Complaints Committee): The committee provides a healthy, safe and secure work environment to the employess. It organizes workshops and awareness programmes at regular intervals for sensitizing them with the rules under the provision of this Act.
IIC Committee consists of following members:

  • Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma
  • Ms. Jayshree Mishra
  • Ms. Aparna Chathli
  • Expert from NGO
  • Presiding Officer –Ms. Ira Vishwakarma

Grievance Committee :
Staff Grievance Redressal Committee

  • Mr. R.P. Ram , Manager
  • Ms. Sovanika Pal ,HOS
  • Mr. Manchanda , Parent Representative
  • Ms. Babli Chauhan , Parent Representative
  • Ms. Bhawna Roy ,Teacher Representative and convenor