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Community participation is vital for correlation between school learning and learning at home. VBS has always worked as a bridge between the child’s existing knowledge and the knowledge of outer world.

Our educational initiatives are collaborative practices that merges the community and the formal school education together. The curriculum at VBS is tied to the home culture of the students, and presents multiple viewpoints and diverse perspectives. Hence, children can relate better to their day to day life and can become pioneer at life skills.

The faculty at VBS understands that learning about the natural and cultural world takes place in the context of social relationships and for that inclusion of community in education is very important. Inviting parents to participate in the co curricular activities and not just parent teacher meetings is one of the various ways of community’s inclusion by VBS.

We strive to work hand in hand with all the sections of the society, so that no child is ever left behind. VBS believes in grass root development, which is only possible when development starts from the ground level i.e from the home environment of the child.This gives strong foundation to make a development program sustainable and value based.

After all creating a well learnt, civilised and social citizen is the core of Indian education system.