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Vice Principal's Message

Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think – Albert Einstein.

With this ideology, we at Vidya Bharti School impart quality education to enhance the ability of the young minds for critical thinking & reasoning.

“Let curiosity prevail and not be suppressed”.

Let the young, energetic, enthusiastic mind of the learners be channelized and be driven towards positive vibes through conceptual understanding & practicality of subjects.

By providing a healthy and conducive environment the students are stimulated to have an exciting and rich experience at the school.

A decisive role of education is to shape and sharpen the young minds to shoulder their responsibilities towards the society at large, and it is possible only through the all round development of the children. It is the joint efforts of the teaching staff as well as the institution to mould the temperament of the students to make them eloquent and firm to face the competitive world around. We at Vidya Bharati School try to escalate the hidden talents and potentials and we provide them a platform to portray their inner self.

In this pursuit of eminence, we appreciate our stakeholders and the parents for their strong support and cooperation in every endeavor. We believe that the spirit of togetherness can build castles in no time.

Ira Vishwakarma

Vice Principal