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Principal's Message

“Arise, awake and don’t stop till the goal is reached” - Swami Vivekananda

It is well known that education is the foundation stone for great minds. As one amongst you, I understand and appreciate the tedious and challenging task of shaping the destiny of a child.

One of the main objectives of education is the establishment of a twofold harmony within every child i.e. harmony in child’s own self and harmony amongst the society. For this our goal has always been personality shaping through curricular and co-curricular activities.

The school provides ample positively challenging activities for the students so that their talent is nurtured to its best. The minds of toddlers specially need a perfect molding to shape up their future. Hence, great focus is given on designing activities for the younger ones.

As a Principal, I always emphasize on building the best environment for the children which is safe, organic and inductive to learning. Few steps by us towards a better environment are

  • Frequent workshops
  • Talk sessions
  • CCA activities
  • Excursions
  • Nature walks, etc.

All these not only helps in development of cognitive skills but also provides children with a learning rich environment.
We wish that our children smile and strive towards achieving their goals in life and we hope that every student savors the time spent at the school. There is nothing more elating for an Principal than to see the children coming up with flying colors of talents. I earnestly hope that VBS continues to empower the children such that society is enriched by their contribution.
VBS is grateful to all parents for their resolute support in assisting us in all our achievements.


Vidya Bharati School